Online Bar Staff Exams with Certificates

Bar staff training online exam / test with pass certificates help prove due diligence should heaven forbid anything go wrong. We have now designed multiple choice test and exams for your bar staff to take online and if they pass a downloadable pass certificate is automatically generated which can then be kept in their records proving that they have received training in matters concerning licensing law - that give you proof of due diligence.

We also have a pre-employment test that job applicants can also take online which is designed to tell you just how experienced they really are. This exam will weed out those that think they know the job but don't from those who really would be an asset to your business. Bar jobs are often seen by applicants as easy touches and a job anyone can get so by spending just a few pounds having them take this test you could save yourself hundreds in future expenses plus you will know the better candidates straight away. Ideal way of vetting applicants and priced to help you keep the budget low see below for details.

Please note these online exams are not included in the everything on this site offer.

Why not try our YOUR THE BOSS test to get a feel of what you would be buying and of course find out just how good you are when it comes to licensed trade knowledge Take The Test Click Here it is 14 questions long and you have 20 minutes to complete it in plus this one is free.

Preventing underage drinking exam with pass certificate

Underage drinking online exam, designed around our training manual but cover what every member of bar staff should already know and helps prevent prosecution for serving underage. This 20 question online exam has a allocated time of 45 minutes (which really is plenty of time). It has multiple choice, multi right, true or false and yes or no questions and can even be taken on a smart phone. The pass mark for this exam is 100% as it is a subject that you and your staff can afford to make no mistakes in real life in. Covers the law on serving customers age restricted products, blind selling, forms of ID and checking ID amongst others.

Priced at just £3.99 for a single use exam, £11.99 for a five exam pass or just £14.99 for a 24 hour pass allowing you to test as many applicants as you can fit in the time restraints. Use the buttons below to purchase you require exam and following cleared payment a link will be sent to the email address you use with paypal and just click on the link and away you go. Don't worry if you experience any problems we are here to help.

Single exam use this button
only £3.99

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only £11.99

Our best value offer a full 24 hour usage pass for just £14.99 use this button

Pre-employment aptitude test for potential bar staff

Use this test to ascertain just how much or how little knowledge your potential employees have on the licensed trade. The test is 25 questions long and candidates have 45 minutes in which to complete it. The subjects covered are, preventing underage drinking, the importance of measures, Drugs in pubs and dealing with violence. Each exam is different from the previous one as the questions are randomly selected from the question bank each time the quiz is loaded and the answers are also jumbled about for each new quiz thus preventing candidates helping each other out. The quizzes are designed to weed out those who think they know a lot about the licensed trade but don't from those who actually do. From an employers point of view it is far better to know who you've got before you employ them than find out later on when things go wrong.

If you have not many potential staff to test then try the five hour access pass for just £7.99 use the button below.

Got quite a few to test then buy the 24 hour pass for just £14.99 use the button below.

If you have a lot of candidates or are perhaps filling many positions then try the two day pass for just £25.99 again use the button below.

Looking to become a personal Licence Holder

if you are looking to enter the licensed trade at licensee level or management level then you are going to need your own personal licence which is only obtained following a successful pass of the APLH exam. Please take our mock exam to see how likely you are to pass the test it is 40 questions long and you have an hour to complete it in. A pass is considered to be 28 out of 40 correct or 70%. All the questions are multiple choice answer based. The cost is just £4.99 to take and please use the button below.

Following cleared payment an email is sent to your Paypal email address with a link for you to use to access your exam, the clocks starts ticking the moment you purchase these exams so please have your candidates ready. Please check all spam folders for the email and if nothing can be found please don't panic just contact us and we will be able to sort any problems out for you. [ Home ]