Website design and building service pubs and clubs

Websites built and designed for pubs, clubs, bars and even guest houses and hotels for just £:24.99 a month payable by subscription. This monthly payment includes a free, .com, .work or .uk domain name, ssl certificate and hosting plus the design and build of the site. But it doesn't stop there we also maintain the website for you which means that it is kept fresh and up to date. To keep it up to date you send us a monthly email with the updates you require and we do the rest.

if your pub or club has letting rooms or guest accommodation then we can install up a free to use online booking system which will increase your occupancy rates and improve guest experience plus simplify your bookings one off set up free of £:59.99 is payable. Though this is a free to use system some paid elements are built into it such as setting up payment systems, these are the writers charges and not ours.

Perhaps you run a sports bar or an event venue and need to keep your customers up to date with what events or matches are taking place in your bar and that is where our maintaining service comes into to its own. You simple send us an email with all the details and we change the site for you. This service is great for pubs, bars and clubs who want to promote in house events such as music nights, quiz nights or sporting events. Simply send us an email and we will update the site for you and we also take down what is already out of date which keeps your site fresh and up to date.

Having a good website crammed full of current information is an essential part of modern day marketing for there is nothing worse than visiting a website to find it full of out of date information as it gives the impression that the owners do not care. It also throws into doubt all the other information on the site such any displayed prices, menus and even opening times so in fact these unkempt website can do your business more harm than good.

Your site can have downloadable menus and booking forms, event notices, guest books, social media links, contact forms and even a blog from which you can also keep your customers bang up to date with what is going on.

Don't forget that our service includes everything you need and puts them all in one simple place and after set up just one simply email every month keeps everything perfect and at £24.99 that is the price of a daily packet of crisps for peace of mind and adding the most powerful money making marketing system your establishment will ever have - its own website.

Modern ways are changing for in years gone by you would just roll up in a town and take your chances on what bars and pubs etc were there but now people go onto the internet and research where they are going weeks ahead of their visit, then can even take a look at you using google's street view. So if your web presence is not strong or your website is not rocking with the information the visitor is looking for then you will more than likely be planed OUT of any visit.

Whether you decided to use our services or not, though we really hope you do, we recommend that the very least you do is check out your online reputation by searching and visiting review site and making sure that the information shown on them is accurate, many for instance try to guess your opening hours or make up a pet or children's policy for you which obviously can be costing you money.

Please use the contact details on our contact page to let us know your requirements and to receive a free on obligation quote.

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